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UK: "Teacher Handbook" Supporting Extremism?

by Andrew Jones
  • Britain's educational authorities also failed to note the underlying message of the Teacher Handbook: that jihadist violence is justified when committed by those who believe themselves to be victims. This is a crucial point: it accepts at face value what might only be many Muslims' perception of "victimhood."
  • Despite the Teacher Handbook's questionable attempts to align Islam with secular, Western principles such as human rights, fundamental British values are undermined by the very content of theTeacher Handbook.
  • No amount of Western appeasement can counter jihad, which is, as openly admitted, a global expansionist project.
  • Many religious texts have violent verses, but in Islam people still liveby them.
Sweeping reforms in Britain's education system are having an unintended dangerous consequence: the infiltration of extremist Muslim influence on the teaching of Religious Studies.
This influence is visible in The Oxford Teacher Handbook for GCSE Islam, authored by a small team of educational specialists and Muslim community leaders. The purpose of the manual is to guide British teachers lacking in-depth knowledge of Islam to help their students pass the Religious Studies General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), the UK's public examination for pupils at the end of Grade 11. This academic study of religions is an optional but relatively popular subject in British high schools -- 322,910 students took the examination in 2017, out of a total GCSE cohort in all subjects of 3,694,771.
The understanding of Islam -- absorbed by a significant proportion of each year's 300,000+ Religious Studies students (whose school chooses to take the Islam module) -- is sufficient to create a national climate of opinion, given that the GCSE is a near-essential first stepping-stone to higher education and influential professions in British public life. It is therefore alarming that a portion of such influence has been granted to the Islamic scholar and activist, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, a co-author of the Teacher Handbook, who oversaw his fellow authors' contributions.
Mogra is an imam of the purist, revivalist Deobandi sect, which harks back to 7th century Islam and currently controls between 40-45% of Britain's mosques. It has a strong politicized and jihadist pedigree, having begun as a form of resistance to British colonial rule in India and, later, with its role as the ideological foundation of the Taliban. Mogra also serves as assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the UK's foremost Muslim advocacy body. It is nonetheless cited in the British government's 2015 Muslim Brotherhood Review as having "consistently opposed programmes by successive Governments to prevent terrorism." In response to one such government call for assistance countering radicalization in Britain's Muslim community, Mogra suggested that "the demand could fuel anti-Muslim sentiments in British society" -- a claim which could be seen as playing the victim card to dodge an entirely reasonable request.
The 2015 Review also referred to Daud Abdullah, the MCB's former deputy secretary general, having signed the 2009 Istanbul Declaration, "a public document which appeared to condone violence against any country supporting an arms blockade against Gaza." Britain, whose naval vessels provided logistical support to the Gaza blockade, was one such country. Furthermore, the Istanbul Declaration contained a call for attacks on Jewish communities and individuals globally.
A few years earlier, in 2004, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, then the head of the MCB, attended a memorial service at London's Central Mosque in honor of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, the charter of which mandates the extermination of Israel and the Jews. To justify his support for Yassin, Sacranie likened the arch-terrorist to Mahatma Gandhi.
Although Mogra has been more guarded in his statements than his overtly terrorist-supporting MCB colleagues, he has never sought to distance himself from any of them, nor has he ever contradicted their support for Hamas in particular. Furthermore, Mogra has also shared a platform with a terrorist lynchpin. Mogra spoke alongside Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in 2003 at the annual summer conference of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies[1]. Al-Awlaki was killed in a US drone strike in 2011 for his role as a senior Al Qaeda ideologue and regional commander. Critics say Mogra is fronting for a dirty, interconnected underworld.
From its founding in 1997, for more than a decade, the MCB was open about its terrorist allegiances. After the Istanbul Declaration, however, the administration of Prime Minister Gordon Brown suspended ties with the organization. Since then, subsequent British governments have backtracked. Perhaps seeking the fuller inclusion of the early 2000s, with Mogra at the forefront, the MCB has attempted in recent years to rebrand itself as a moderate force promoting inter-faith dialogue and integration in multicultural Britain.
Mogra's statements, however, call into question his supposed enthusiasm for inter-faith dialogue.
"Islam says it's forbidden [inter-faith marriage]. And I think to have your daughter openly go against God's law is and can be very, very difficult," he said. Mogra commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2018 by tweeting on a variety of historical genocides, seeming to imply that the Nazi genocide of the Jews was only one among many mass murders. A week earlier, the MCB's Our Mosques, Our Future conference, featured as a speaker Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of the Finsbury Park mosque, one of whose key trustees is Mohammed Sawalha, a former senior Hamas military commander. Sawalha evaded Israeli authorities in 1990 and subsequently found refuge in London, from where he organized flotillas to Gaza -- and allegedly directed funds for Hamas's military and missionary wings.
As a key author and editor of The Oxford Teacher Handbook for GCSE Islam, Mogra's true allegiances need scrutiny.
In a BBC interview after the 2015 Paris attacks, Mogra dodged the principal issueof Islamic terrorism, and stressed instead the supposed victimization of UK Muslims. "[W]e are beginning to see society turning on Muslims who've made this country their own and now are being seen as a threat or as an enemy within," he said.
It was not an innocuous statement, given that the Teacher Handbook specifies the following circumstances under which the "lesser jihad" of supposedly justifiable, religiously-sanctioned violence is permitted in Islam:
  1. In self-defence ("Those who have been attacked are permitted to take up arms because they have been wronged");
  2. As a last resort (i.e. all other ways of trying to solve the dispute have been tried);
  3. To preserve Islam or to enable Muslims to freely practice their faith;
  4. To protect the oppressed (i.e. if a tyrant is ruling a country).
In this context, Mogra's bemoaning of supposed Muslim victimhood on the BBCcould be perceived either as a "dog-whistle" to jihad, or, at the very least, as a veiled threat of "defensive" violence, should Muslims feel that they or Islam are in any way regarded as responsible for Islamic terrorism.
The logic of Mogra's BBC statement and the content of the Teacher Handbook, when combined, is that if society is "turning on Muslims," then they are "oppressed," and it is then but a small step to "tak[ing] up arms because they have been wronged."
Herein lies the crux of the matter. Behind Mogra's softly spoken rhetoric of inter-faith dialogue, there seems to lie a faint but clearly discernible threat of violence -- a potential menace made all the more real by the company he keeps.
The Teacher Handbook itself has many examples of the Muslim-as-victim narrative. The section on "Islam in the media," for example, includes the following passages:
"...[M]any Muslims feel they are the targets of a sinister agenda, and that there is a commitment on the part of big news corporations to demonise them at any opportunity. Everyone knows there are bad Muslims, but there are also bad Jews, Buddhists and atheists, whose fanaticism and violence do not seem to be as newsworthy. A lot of Muslims argue how this proves conclusively that there is institutional prejudice against Islam, and explains why there is distrust in Western journalism especially. Sometimes it is difficult to establish which 'news' items are even true...[He continues later in the section:]
"As the role of the RE [Religious Education] teacher requires both an appreciation and appraisal of religions, it is important to redress the imbalance of constant negativity about Islam and Muslims in the media."
This claim, however, that Islam suffers from "constant negativity [...] in the media" is false. The BBC, for instance, completely whitewashed the Finsbury Park mosque's links to Hamas, while promoting its imam, Mohammed Mahmoud, as a hero. Mahmoud prevented a Muslim mob assaulting Darren Osborne, the perpetrator of the deadly van-ramming attack on worshipers outside the mosque in June 2017. The grim irony -- of a Hamas-linked mosque being the recipient of a Hamas-inspired vehicular ramming -- was not, of course, mentioned by the BBC.
The Finsbury Park mosque, in London, England. (Image source: Olof Lagerkvist/Wikimedia Commons)
Similar to the British media's blindness, British educational authorities also failed to note the underlying message of the Teacher Handbook: that jihadist violence is justified when committed by those who believe themselves to be victims.
This is a crucial point: it accepts at face value what might only be many Muslims' perception of "victimhood." In one of its most misjudged references, the Teacher Handbook uses the key perpetrator of the 7/7/2005 London bombingsMohammad Sidique Khan, as a mouthpiece for terrorism's rationale. "Many Muslims feel very strongly about the role of foreign policy as a factor in inspiring terrorism," Mogra and his co-authors state, pointing to the video message left by Khan, who described his actions as a means of "protecting and avenging my Muslim brothers and sisters."
Although the Teacher Handbook does refer to Khan's Al Qaeda-inspired slaughter of dozens of innocent people as "terrorism," the editing of Khan's video message omits its most cold-blooded aspect, which is tantamount to a call for the mass murder of citizens of Western countries. The quotation, in full, is:
"Your democratically elected governments continuously perpetuate atrocities against my people all over the world. And your support of them makes you directly responsible, just as I am directly responsible for protecting and avenging my Muslim brothers and sisters." [Emphasis added]
The part omitted from the Teacher Handbook reveals the extent of Khan's adversarial thinking and the true nature of jihadism. Its absence, and the misrepresentation that Khan's edited quote then becomes, provides teachers and students in the UK with a false basis for the belief -- or wishful thinking -- that if only Western foreign policy were more humane and compliant, there would be no Islamic terrorism.
In fact, no amount of Western appeasement can counter jihad, which is, as admitted, a global expansionist project.
As elsewhere noted, many religious texts have violent verses, but in Islam people still live by them.
Although violent, "lesser jihad" is presented in the Teacher Handbook solely as a reaction to oppression and injustice, the imperial dimension of the religion seeks to re-establish and expand the Caliphate and govern society globally according to Islamic principles. Despite the Teacher Handbook's questionable attempts to align Islam with secular, Western values, such as human rights, the manner of society Mogra and his MCB colleagues are eager to achieve does not correspond with fundamental British values -- as evidenced by a fondness for Hamas and the Handbook's apologist attitude to Sharia's corporal punishments, including amputation. British values, listed since 2014 in the UK Department of Education guidelines -- "democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith," are undermined by the very content of the Teacher Handbook:
  • "Democracy" is undermined by sanctioning "lesser jihad," instead of settling disputes at the ballot box.
  • "Rule of law" is undermined, for instance, by asserting Sharia (Islamic) law's position on polygamy in the face of its prohibition by the UK legal system.
  • "Individual liberty" is undermined, for instance, by uncritical reference to the Qur'an's endorsement of slavery (24:30-31).
  • "Mutual respect" for different faiths and beliefs is undermined by teachings such as: "To worship other gods or idols [...] instead of Allah is the main sin of Islam...Thus, all polytheistic faiths and also the Christian idea of the Trinity are rejected."
In The Open Society and Its Enemies, published during World War II, the Austrian-British philosopher Karl Popper defined the "Paradox of Tolerance" as follows:
"Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them... We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant."
The time for Britain to digest these words is overdue.

[1] The Muslim Brothers in Europe: Roots and Discourse, edited by Brigitte Maréchal.

No Guns, no Balls

Image by Timothy Bishop

Empowering Islam by Rewriting History

By Raymond Ibrahim

Although the conflict between Islam and the West is not an aberration, but a continuation of history, the strategy of those who seek to whitewash and thus empower Islam is to fixate on peaceful aberrations while suppressing the continuum of hostility.
Thus, in "Italy must remember its pluralist past," Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic studies at American University, Washington, D.C., highlights uncharacteristic episodes from Italy's past with Muslims in an attempt to convince Italians to be even more accepting of Muslim migrants.
Before looking at his claims, some actual historical context concerning Italy and Islam – otherwise devoid in Akbar's article about the "past" – is needed.
Once the jihad was unleashed from Arabia, not only was Italy bombarded and under threat for centuries, but as the seat of Rome – the capital of Western Christendom, which is to say Infideldom – several ambitious caliphs and sultans especially targeted it, often while making the perennial Islamic boast that they would be first to turn St. Peter's altar into a feeding trough for their horses.  
As early as the seventh century, "the nation of the Saracens that had already spread through Alexandria and Egypt," wrote Paul the Deacon (b. 720), "came suddenly with many ships, invaded Sicily, entered Syracuse and made a great slaughter of the people – a few only escaping with difficulty who had fled to the strongest fortresses and the mountain ranges – and they carried off also great booty ... and thus they returned to Alexandria."
By 846, Muslim fleets managed to land on the coast of Ostia, near Rome.  Unable to breach the walls of the Eternal City, they sacked and despoiled the surrounding countryside, including – to the shock of Western Christendom – the venerated basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul.  The invaders vandalized the two holy shrines, desecrated the tombs of Christendom's two most revered apostles, and stripped them of their treasures.
Such sacrilege prompted Pope Leo IV to erect strong walls and fortifications along the right bank of the Tiber to protect the basilicas and other churches from further Muslim raids.  Not ones to be deterred, "in 849 the Muslims attempted a new landing at Ostia; then, every year from around 857 on, they threatened the Roman seaboard," explains French medieval historian C.E. Dufourcq.
Indeed, the following entry from Ibn al-Athir's history dealing with southern Italy and Sicily is indicative of the quantity and quality of these Islamic invasions:
Another raid [in 835] directed at Etna and the neighboring strongholds resulted in the burning of harvests, the slaughter of many men and pillage.  Another raid was again organized in the same direction by Abu al-Aghlab in 221 [according to the Muslim calendar, which in this case corresponded to Christmas Day, 835]; the booty brought back was so extensive that slaves were sold for almost nothing[.] ... In the same year, a fleet was sent against the [neighboring Christian] islands; after having taken rich booty and conquered several towns and fortresses there, they returned safe and sound.  In 234 [August 5, 848], the inhabitants of Ragusa made peace with the Muslims in exchange for surrendering the town and what it contained.  The conquerors destroyed it after having taken away everything that could be transported.  In 235 [July 25, 849], a troop of Muslims marched against Castrogiovanni and returned safe and sound, after having subjected that town to pillage, murder and fire [Ye'or 2010, 289–290].
Sadistic treatment for the infidel always accompanied the raid, for "it was to the amusement of the Saracens to profane, as well as to pillage, the monasteries and churches," notes Edward Gibbon.  "At the siege of Salerno a Musulman chief spread his couch on the communion table, and on that altar sacrificed each night the virginity of a Christian nun."
Although centuries of crusades largely safeguarded Italy and Sicily from further Islamic attacks, by 1480, Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II invaded Italy and captured Otranto.  More than half of its twenty-two thousand inhabitants were massacred, five thousand led away in chains.  On a hilltop (subsequently named "Martyr's Hill") another eight hundred Christians were ritually beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam, their archbishop sawed in half.
Here is how French priest Jérôme Maurand described the fate of the inhabitants of the tiny island of Lipari off Sicily after it was invaded by the Ottomans in 1544: "[t]o see so many poor Christians, and especially so many little boys and girls [enslaved] caused a very great pity[.] ... The tears, wailings and cries of these poor Lipariotes, the father regarding his son and the mother her daughter ... weeping while leaving their own city in order to be brought into slavery by those dogs who seemed like rapacious wolves amidst timid lambs."
Failing to comprehend why the Muslim conquerors so wantonly tortured the now enslaved population – including by slowly gutting the old and infirmed with knives "out of spite" – he "asked these Turks why they treated the poor Christians with such cruelty, [and] they replied that such behavior had very great virtue; that was the only answer we ever got."
Finally, a great many of those millions of Europeans enslaved and sold in Muslim Barbary between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries were originally seized from the Italian coastline and Sicily.
Needless to say, these centuries and events – documented in my book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West – never make it into Akbar's article, "Italy must remember its pluralist past."  
Instead – and because his agenda is to prompt Italians to be even more accommodating of Muslim migrants – he ignores the constants while fixating on those aberrations that might validate his thesis:
Italy produced Christian leaders such as Roger II, the King of Sicily, and Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor, King of Sicily, and King of Italy, who spoke Arabic, had Muslim bodyguards, and featured Arabic inscriptions on their royal mantle. Muslims and Jews were permitted to live by their own laws, and the jewel of Sicilian architecture, Roger's twelfth-century Palatine Chapel, incorporated Christian, Muslim, and Jewish influences.
Such is Akbar's evidence concerning Italy's "pluralist past."  While his anecdotes seem a far cry from the aforementioned centuries of unwavering hostility, one is still at loss concerning Akbar's point.  After all, few if any Italians today have a problem with knowing Arabic, employing non-Christians, allowing others to live according to their customs, or erecting exotic architecture.
Rather, they have a problem with facilitating the ancient jihad against their homeland by bringing in more and more Muslim migrants who act in accordance with the history that Akbar suggests never happened.

Soros in Retreat: Billionaire’s University to Move from Budapest to Vienna

After a sustained campaign against the influence of left-wing billionaire George Soros by the Hungarian government, Soros’s Central European University has announced its plans to move from Budapest to Vienna.

The Central European University (CEU) has come under fire from the Hungarian government which had previously claimed it was unfair that the institution was allowed to give out both Hungarian and U.S. diplomas while not operating a campus in the USA.Now, the university has announced that it has plans to leave Budapest and move to neighbouring Austria where a new campus will be set up, Swedish radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.
Éva Fodor, Deputy Rector at CEU said that the university had already signed an agreement with a landlord in Vienna but some were still hopeful the university would not have to move as the administration had set up a  branch in New York state, as requested by the Hungarian government.
Hungary has yet to approve the move by the CEU according to Fodor who said: “If the government still has not signed this agreement in mid-June, then we will start planning to move the entire university to Vienna.”
“It’s hard to recruit new staff when we can not even tell where their workplace will be,” Fodor added.
At a press conference earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the government had yet to make a final decision on the fate of the university.
The planned move comes just after Mr. Orbán and his Fidesz party won a massive two-thirds majority in the Hungarian parliament allowing them to put forward constitutional changes.
A major pillar of the Fidesz election campaign was directed at the influence of foreign NGOs, many of which are part of the network of Soros and his Open Society Foundations.
Prime Minister Orbán has denounced Soros’s influence on the migration policies of the European Union claiming that the “Soros Plan” would see millions of migrants enter Europe.
“The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies,” Mr. Orbán said last October and added: “Its aim is to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration.”

Turkey's Erdogan Threatens France

by Uzay Bulut
  • "Why hasn't any 'kind-hearted' anti-Assad Arab state (e.g. Saudi) taken any Syrian refugees? Shouldn't countries that spent billions on arming militants (including terrorists) in the name of 'liberating' Syrians take refugees in? The only Syrian refugees that got attention in the Gulf states are the vulnerable underage girls they bought in the name of marriage." — Dr. Abbas Kadhim.
  • "Why not bring Christians and Yazidis from the Muslim world here first?... Finally, why not bring Muslim girls and women who are already in flight from honor-based violence, including from honor killing, here next -- before we extend visas, green cards and asylum to Muslim boys and men?" — Professor Phyllis Chesler.
  • "It is ironic that millions of Muslims are trying... to reach the borders of a civilization they have historically blamed for all the world's evils... is it 'Islamophobic' to point out that there is no war in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, or Austria?" — Burak Bekdil, BESA Center for Strategic Studies.
Last month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan slammed French President Emmanuel Macron for his recent offer to mediate between Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), saying he hopes Paris will not ask Ankara to help when terrorists fleeing Iraq and Syria arrive in France:
"With this attitude, France has no right to complain about any terrorist organization, any terrorist, any terrorist attack. Those who sleep with terrorists, welcome them in their palaces, will understand sooner or later the mistake that they made."
On April 7, hours after a man ploughed his van into pedestrians in Münster, Germany, Erdogan threatened France again, referring to the incident: :
"France, [you are] being a stooge... providing support to the terrorism, you are hosting terrorists at the Elysée Palace... You are seeing what is happening in Germany, right? The same will happen in France. The West will not able to free itself from terror. The West will sink as it feeds these terrorists."
The Turkish government's enabling violence in Syria and Iraq has apparently turned Turkey into a center of ISIS and other Islamist terrorists. Many of the jihadi terrorists who participated in deadly attacks in Manchester, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm and St. Petersburg in recent years had connections to Turkey. Some were caught there; others either travelled to there to cross into Syria to join ISIS, or had lived there a while. Turkey has been routinely used by Islamists as a route into areas of Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. (See appendix for a list of such terrorists)
In November of 2016, Erdogan targeted Europe again:
"You have never treated humanity honestly. You have never looked at people in the right way. You did not go and take the babies when they hit shores on the Mediterranean ... We are the ones feeding 3,5 Syrian refugees in this country. You have not kept your promises. When 50 thousand refugees headed to Kapıkule [the Turkish border crossing point to Bulgaria], you shrieked: 'What will we do if Turkey opens it border gates?' Look at me! If you go too far, we will open those border gates. Just know this."
For Europe, the result of ignoring these threats could be deadly.

This is the sad state of affairs of the European Union today: Erdogan's continued targeting the continent with terrorists -- some born in Europe and some posing as "refugees" -- whom Europe is trying to help.
Many of the terrorists born in Europe had declared their jihadi intentions before their attacks. Some were arrested and then released; others were not even arrested or deported after Turkey deported them to countries in Europe. In these cases, European officials made huge mistakes that cost the lives of hundreds of innocent people.
The EU's current immigration system is is gravely endangering the lives and liberties of EU citizens as well as the genuine refugees there.
Meanwhile, the rich Arab nations -- including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain -- do nothing to help their Muslim brethren. These states are wealthy, as well as geographically and culturally close to the stricken war zones, but they have not offered any financial help, resettlement possibilities, or taking in any refugees.
Given the cultural, linguistic and religious background of the refugees, however, it would seem that many of them could live with their fellow Muslims in those Arab states.
Dr. Abbas Kadhim wrote on Twitter:
"We know that Iran is pro-Assad, but why hasn't any 'kind-hearted' anti-Assad Arab state (e.g. Saudi) taken any Syrian refugees? Shouldn't countries that spent billions on arming militants (including terrorists) in the name of 'liberating' Syrians take refugees in? The only Syrian refugees that got attention in the Gulf states are the vulnerable underage girls they bought in the name of marriage."
Professor Phyllis Chesler had another idea:
"Why not bring Christians and Yazidis from the Muslim world here first? Why not bring Muslim dissidents, ex-Muslims, and Muslim homosexuals here second? Finally, why not bring Muslim girls and women who are already in flight from honor-based violence, including from honor killing, here next — before we extend visas, green cards and asylum to Muslim boys and men?"
Immigration is not only about movement of people. A fact that needs to be understood is that radical or pious Muslims bring a certain culture with them. Muslim migrants who refuse to integrate to the West try to impose their own belief systems on their host countries – many try, for example, to establish parallel sharia systems the rules of which aim to oppress or even kill women, non-Muslims, and homosexuals.
Just recently, Germany was shocked by newly revealed footage from the mosque of the Turkish-Islamic Union Ditib Association in Herford. Pictures and videos showed four to 7-year-old children parading in military uniforms with toy weapons and pretending to die as martyrs under the Turkish flag. Is this what passes for "cultural enrichment through immigration" now?
One serious problem seems to be the ignorance of many European officials about the teachings and traditions of Islam – including terrorism and violence. A European official who does understand is Hungarian Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács. Western European nations, he said, are paying a heavy price by pretending that Islam does not matter. "We've been living with and close to Islam for centuries in the past and we know about it. So, that's why it does matter who has come in and in what manner people are coming," Kovács told CBN News.
Last year, Turkish journalist Burak Bekdil wrote about his observations about illegal Muslim migrants in Greece: Many of the "'poor' illegal migrants on the Greek islands want to go to Germany, where they have heard from friends and relatives that they will be the best paid for being refugees. The notion that poor souls are fleeing war , although many may still be, is becoming less and less convincing by the day.
"It is ironic that millions of Muslims are trying, through dangerous means, to reach the borders of a civilization they have historically blamed for all the world's evils, including those of their own countries. The 'romantic' West does not question why millions of West-hating Muslims are heading in their direction. Or is it 'Islamophobic' to point out that there is no war in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, or Austria?"
Now that ISIS has been defeated in Syria and Iraq, where are the former fighters now? And how many have already crossed the border to Europe? Of the new refugee and migrant arrivals going to Greece, how many are jihadis planning to attack Europeans or "moderates" who could get "radicalized" later on? Is it even possible to know?
What is clear is that, as Erdogan keeps threatening France with more terror attacks, European officials need to be extra cautious about who are crossing their borders.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


As Michelle Obama likes to say, When they go low, we go higher. Here's another example of how high her movement goes. A Fresno State professor called former first lady Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” who raised a “war criminal,” and expressed no concern that she could be fired or reprimanded for her outspokenness on social media. Randa Jarrar, a professor in Fresno State’s Department of English, expressed her displeasure with the Bush family within an hour after the official announcement that Mrs. Bush died Tuesday at the age of 92. “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” Jarrar wrote on Twitter. “F--- outta here with your nice words.” Jarrar, who in her Twitter messages describes herself as an Arab-American and a Muslim-American woman, goes on to maintain that she is a tenured professor and makes $100,000 a year. “I will never be fired,” Jarrar tweeted. In a separate tweet, she wrote: “If you'd like to know what it's like to be an Arab American Muslim American woman with some clout online expressing an opinion, look at the racists going crazy in my mentions right now.” Racists apparently being anyone whom she dislikes. But if a prof had made the same comments about Winnie Mandela, the media wouldn't have stopped until he was out of a job. And, unlike Winnie Mandela, Barbara Bush didn't murder a 14-year-old boy while singing. Randa Jarrar already has quite the track record when it comes to Israel. Canary Mission has been keeping tabs on this BDS bigot.Jarrar signed an open letter, published on February 2, 2009, that accused Israel of carrying out a “longtime racist jurisprudence against its indigenous Palestinian population, during which the Israeli state has systematically dispossessed, starved, tortured, and economically exploited the Palestinian people." Signatories of the letter went on to “reject as untrue" that Hamas “is an irredeemable terrorist organization" and to “call on all people of conscience to join us in boycotting Israeli products and institutions." Specifically, the letter claims, "We reject as untrue the Israeli government's claims that the Palestinians use civilians as human shields, and that Hamas is an irredeemable terrorist organization. Without endorsing its platforms or philosophy, we recognize Hamas as a democratically elected ruling party." Randa Jarrar has signed on to all sorts of petitions pushing boycotts of Israel. It's not surprising that she hates anyone who resists Islamic terror. She had previously gone viral for a Salon piece titled, "Why I hate white belly dancers." Women I have confronted about this have said, “But I have been dancing for 15 years! This is something I have built a huge community on.” These women are more interested in their investment in belly dancing than in questioning and examining how their appropriation of the art causes others harm. To them, I can only say, I’m sure there are people who have been unwittingly racist for 15 years. It’s not too late. Find another form of self-expression. Jarrar found hers. Hate.

Taxes will rise in Sweden as half of all “new Swedes” remain unemployed after eight years

Chief forecaster of Sweden’s Economic Research Institute, Ylva Hedén Westerdahl, points out that unless more immigrants enter the labour market in Sweden, taxes will have to rise. Sweden has a “rights-based” welfare system, which she calls “generous”, which includes healthcare and education.
Hedén Westerdahl has stressed that it is required for people to contribute to the system otherwise the labourers will have an even greater tax burden.
”It’s serious that we have these differences in the longer perspective. Once you stay out of the labour market for a long time, you are forced to live off benefits, something that leaves a toll on the government finances,” Hedén Westerdahl told news outlet SVT.
Nearly six out of ten of those currently enrolled in the Employment Service are foreign born whilst only 25 percent of Swedish residents have a foreign background. The gap between home-born and foreign-born workers’ ability to obtain work is only growing.
Recently, SVT shared a story of a 35-year-old Kurdish single mother of five who has just taken her first job ever as a cleaner, having been in Sweden for 16 years. They intended it as an example of success for having undergone a ‘tailor-made’ education course. Strong reactions on social media strongly suggest otherwise.
“This is a one odd article. A woman receives tailor-made education to clean up stairs in her area after 16 years in Sweden. What is most strange is that SVT describes it as a success story. It is not. It’s sad,” Twitter user Edward Nordén wrote.
Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson acknowledges the growing problem for labourers who are seeing increasing taxes “Everyone who can work should work, Swedish language skills are thus key to getting on with either work or education”, urging newcomers to learn Swedish as soon as they are able.

Illegal Migrant Uses Fake ID to Get NHS Transplant While Locals Die on Waiting List

An illegal immigrant from Albania who used a fake ID to get a kidney transplant, costing the National Health Service (NHS) more than £72,000, has been imprisoned.

Fatmira Tafa, 31, came to Britain in 2014 in the back of a lorry to be with a man she met on the internet.Nadricim Bengasi, also an illegal immigrant, gave Tafa a falsified Greek ID in the name of Eleni Manola, so that she could pose as a European Union citizen and gain access to British benefits and services, reports WalesOnline.
It was while living in Cardiff, Wales, that she became ill and received treatment and a kidney transplant on the NHS at University Hospital Wales in October 2016, costing the hospital a total of £72,469.
As an Albanian citizen, she would have been placed on dialysis, stabilised, and returned to Albania — but, posing as an EU citizen, she gained access to Wales’s organ waiting list, depriving a British person of the life-saving operation.
The crime only came to light after Tafa’s boyfriend had been deported and she told medical staff at a check-up that she had defrauded the NHS.
Tafa then lodged an asylum application with the Home Office, which is still pending.
In Wales in 2015/16, there were 242 patients waiting for a vital organ transplant — up 10 per cent from two years before — and 27 people died waiting.
Last year, the NHS reported that across the whole of the United Kingdom, waiting time for a kidney transplant was down by 18 per cent, but patients were still having to wait 944 days — more than two and a half years.
The taxpayer-funded health service also noted that since the previous World Kidney Day, 62 per cent of patients who have died waiting for an organ transplant were waiting for a kidney.
“Health tourism” continues to cost the UK taxpayer around £2 billion a year, with one non-EU citizen leaving a Manchester hospital with a £530,000 bill.
However, Tafa’s prison term will last only 14 months — and she may spend only a fraction of this in custody rather than on license in the community — with Judge Jeremy Jenkins telling her the court had “great sympathy” for her.
It is not just non-EU citizens who are short-changing Britons. Figures obtained from the Department of Health through Freedom of Information requests showed that the United Kingdom paid out over £630 million to EU and other European Economic Area countries like Norway for Britons’ health care abroad under supposedly reciprocal rules.
However, the UK claimed back only a little under £66.5 million from EU/EEA countries for NHS treatment — a discrepancy of some £564 million, or £11 million a week.