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Report: Immigration Crisis Causing ‘Unprecedented’ Shift in Italy’s Demographics

A deadly combination of a plummeting birthrate and massive immigration portend that native Italians will make up an increasingly small percentage of Italy’s overall population, a new study reports.

Italy’s fertility rate is less than half of what it was in 1964, the Centro Machiavelli reported in its study titled “How immigration is changing Italian demographics.” It has dropped from 2.7 children per woman to just 1.5 children per woman currently, a figure well below the replacement level for zero population growth of roughly 2.1 children per woman.
As of the first of this year, Italy had over five million foreigners living as residents, a growth of a remarkable 25 percent relative to 2012 and a whopping 270 percent over 2002. At that time, foreigners made up just 2.38 percent of the population while fifteen years later the figure has nearly trebled to 8.33 percent of the population.
Moreover, even the children being born in Italy are over-represented by immigrants, whose birthrate is considerably higher than native Italians, the study revealed. It is “unsurprising,” therefore, that Italian regions with the highest fertility rates are no longer in the south, as was ever the case, but in the Italian north and in the Lazio region, where there is a higher concentration of immigrants.
If current trends continue, the report states, by 2065, first- and second-generation immigrants will exceed 22 million persons, or more than 40 percent of Italy’s total population.
By comparison, it was only in the not far-off 2001 that the percentage of foreigners living in Italy crossed the low threshold of one percent, which reveals the speed and magnitude of demographic change occurring in Italy, a phenomenon “without precedent” in Italy’s history, the study asserts.
An added concern brought forward by the report is the high concentration of immigrant populations from just a few countries of origin, which often results elsewhere in the formation of “closed, homogeneous communities that fail to integrate with their host society,” or what Pope Francis has termed “ghettoization.”
In the 1970s, the top ten countries of origin made up just 12.8 percent of the total immigrant population in Italy, the study found, whereas today five times that figure, or 64 percent of the total immigrant population, comes from just ten countries.
Unfortunately, Italy is not alone in its demographic turmoil, the study stated. Extrapolating from current trends, British citizens will no longer be the majority of the population in the United Kingdom around 1965.
In Germany today, 36 percent of children under five are born to immigrant parents, which presages a significant demographic shift in the next generation in that country as well.
In this regard, Italy represents a microcosm of Europe itself, which accounted for over a fifth of the entire world population in 1950 (22 percent), yet is expected to make up just 7 percent of the world population in the year 2050, the study states.

Germany Indicts 5 Suspects in Islamic State Recruitment Ring

German prosecutors filed terrorism charges Thursday against a suspected representative of the Islamic State group in Germany and four fellow suspects who are accused of running a recruitment network. The suspected ringleader — a 33-year-old Iraqi citizen identified as Ahmad Abdulaziz Abdullah A., who goes by the alias Abu Walaa — was indicted on charges of membership in a terrorist organization, terror financing and public incitement to commit crimes, federal prosecutors said. The five, who were arrested in November, are suspected of recruiting young Muslims in Germany and raising funds to send them to Syria and Iraq to join IS. Abu Walaa was the imam at a radical mosque in the northern city of Hildesheim and also organized “Islam seminars” at mosques elsewhere in Germany. The other four suspects were indicted on charges of supporting IS in different ways. The 51-year-old Turkish citizen Hasan C. and 37-year-old German-Serbian citizen Boban S., were allegedly in charge of teaching Arabic and “radical Islamic content” to recruits. A 28-year-old German citizen, Mahmoud O., and a 27-year-old from Cameroon, identified as Ahmed F.Y., were allegedly in charge of helping to organize the recruits’ departure to Syria. Prosecutors listed the names of eight men who they say left Germany with the support of Abu Walaa to join IS in Syria. Among those listed are Mark and Kevin K. who killed dozens of government soldiers in two separate suicide bombings in 2015. Another one, identified as Martin L., was given 2,000 euros ($2,324) from Abu Walaa to pay for his travels to Syria in November 2014. He is allegedly in charge of guarding new IS fighters coming from Germany. Much of the information for the investigation comes from an unnamed confidant. Abu Walaa has called that person a traitor and asked on social media for the source to be killed after German authorities first raided the group’s premises in August. Prosecutors say their source has been promised confidentiality and has been given protection.

Merkel's Rejection of Migrant Limits Leads to German Crisis

Angela Merkel, the last chancellor of Germany, has something in common with Hawaii's Judge Derrick Watson. Both refuse to set any kind of limits on migrants.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to place an upper limit on refugees that the country accepts, speaking in an annual interview broadcast on Sunday.
"As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it," she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.
That position places her in conflict with CSU leader Horst Seehofer who threatened not to enter into coalition without an annual upper limit for refugee numbers.
The majority of the "refugees" are economic migrants. And there are plenty of poll numbers that show huge percentages of entire countries in the region would be eager to move to Europe or America if given the chance. Does Merkel have a plan to raise their GDPs until they have the same level of prosperity as Germany? If she has such a plan, she might want to start out deploying it in Greece or Poland.
But Merkel doesn't really have a plan. She has dogma. And that dogma refuses to actually limit the flow of migrants. Despite how much damage has already been done to Germany.
Frau Merkel doesn't care how many women have been raped, how much violence has occured or how every promise she has made of refugees contributing to Germany has fallen apart. All that matters is never admitting that she was wrong.

Ethnic and Sexual Minorities Over-Represented at BBC, Despite Claims of Discrimination

The BBC is on course to meet or exceed all of its “diversity quotas” for ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, but remains a stronghold of middle class and privately-educated privilege, with working class people severely under-represented.

The Times reports on the revelations, exposed by the first socioeconomic census of BBC staff, as the mainstream media rallies to denounce the corporation as “sexist” and discriminatory against minorities based on the salaries of a small number of top employees.
Covering the license fee-funded broadcaster’s disclosure of how much it gives its highest-paid employees, the Huffington Post ran with the headline: “Lack Of Diversity Laid Bare By Top Earners’ List”.
The Guardian newspaper struck a similar tone with: “BBC Facing Backlash from Female Stars after Gender Pay Gap Revealed”.
BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey said she was “incandescent with rage” about the supposed “gender pay gap” between male and female presenters.
In terms of raw numbers, however, the proportion of white men at the corporation is rapidly declining.
The BBC said yesterday that 48.2 per cent of employees are women, including 42.1 per cent in “leadership roles”. Around 52 per cent of the general population are women, and the BBC aims to have 50 per cent in both categories in just three years.
Furthermore, a staff census at the end of last year showed that 14.5 per cent of staff were from ethnic minorities, ahead of this year’s target, with the aim of hitting 15 per cent by 2020.
This means ethnic minorities are already over-represented, as the 2011 national census found that 87 per cent of the population classed themselves as “white”.
Sexual minorities are also excelling. More than a tenth of the BBC’s staff are currently lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered, rising to 11.5 per cent in leadership jobs.
The target is 8 per cent by 2020, although just 1.7 per cent of the population identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual, according to a 2015 report by the Office for National Statistics.
Despite these rapid, ongoing changes, one major demographic – the working class – remains under represented.
The socioeconomic census of the BBC’s staff found 17 per cent attended fee-paying schools, compared with 7 per cent of the general population.
Fully 61 per cent of BBC employees are drawn from families where parents have “higher managerial and professional occupations” – just 20 per cent of the general population .
The BBC has made well-paid, prestigious internships exclusively availalbe to non-whites – regardless of economic background – and made organised so-called “diversity drives“.
Research by the NUJ in 2011 found that across journalism as a whole, fewer than ten per cent of those entering the profession come from a working-class background, and just three per cent from homes headed by semi-skilled or unskilled workers.

Europe Ever Downward: Now the Bavarians Want Out

By Mike Konrad

Bavarians are considering leaving Germany.  What is it with the European nations that their most productive citizens want to leave?
[A] new survey looks to bolster the Bavarian Party's hopes for a true Free State of Bavaria (the state's official title). A YouGov poll with Bild tabloid, published online on Sunday, showed that one-third of Bavarian respondents agreed that "my state should be independent from Germany".
Bavaria is an anomaly in Germany.  Germany was historically chiefly Protestant.  Bavaria was mostly Catholic.  Most of Germany avoided Roman occupation.  Much of Bavaria didn't and was incorporated into the  Roman Empire.  Germans are...well, Germanic.  Bavarians have a large amount of Celtic in them.
A Bavarian is half-way between an Austrian and a human being.  –Otto von Bismarck
When one thinks of Germans, one thinks of goose-stepping, orderly Prussians.  When one thinks of Bavarians, one thinks of Oktoberfest and beer-swilling, pretzel-eating admirers of Hofbrau Frauleinen.  A completely different world image.  One should take a minute to listen (click here).
Compounding Germany's dilemma is that Bavaria is the second richest region of Germany and is an industrial powerhouse, with a well above average per capita output.  Think of BMW or Audi.
The region around the state capital, which generates a third of Bavaria's total output, is home to heavyweights such as BMW and MAN, but also hundreds of smaller biotech, IT and environmental technology firms that have sprung up in the past couple of decades, as well as 550 US IT firms. Recent start-ups include Linguatec, which produces automatic translation software and dictionaries, and Greenrobot, which creates mobile apps such as Quick Search and GroovieMovie.TV.
Historically, the Bavarians are probably closer to the Austrians.  Austria has been majority-Catholic like Bavaria.  The Bavarians often sided with Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars, and with Austria during the Austro-Prussian Wars.
Much of Northern Germany looked down on the Bavarians.
The Bavarian will not budge before you actually walk on him.  –German saying
When Bavaria was eventually absorbed into Germany, it was given particular local considerations and more autonomy than other states.  Basically, the Bavarians do have a legitimate claim on a separate nationality.
[I]f you live in Germany, you soon work out that Bavaria is essentially the country's Scotland. Just like Britain's northernmost nation, it is an ancient kingdom full of breath-taking mountain landscapes that held its own for centuries, only joining a larger German state in comparatively modern times once it had become a bankrupt backwater with no other recourse.
One of the chief issues for this separatism seems to be the recent migrants.  Bavaria seems to have borne the brunt of it.
What Bavaria lacks – and the separatist Basque and Catalans have – is a seaport.  If a nation is going to be a manufacturing export giant, a seaport is almost a necessity.  Yes, Switzerland gets by without one, but Bavaria does not have Switzerland's history.  And Switzerland is a major exporter of not automobiles, but rather watches.  Being landlocked may be the deal-breaker.
German courts, taking a cue from the stubborn Spanish courts, have frowned on Bavarian nationalism.
But if 2016 was year of Brexit, 2017 is unlikely to be the year of "Bayxit" (in German, Bavaria is known as Bayern). On Monday, a German court released a decision saying that the country's constitution does not allow Bavaria to break away. There will be no referendum, the court said, because states are not allowed to leave Germany.
However, the separatists have taken a cue from the Catalans.
The news was met with a message of defiance from the pro-independence Bavaria Party, which posted on Facebook that the "struggle for Bavarian independence" would be decided not by a court bu "by the will of the Bavarian people." The chairman of the party, Florian Weber, said that he expected the decision: When you want to drain the swamp, Weber reasoned, "you do not ask the frogs!"
I do not know how the Bavarians will overcome the seaport problem, though, unless they join Austria and Slovenia – which, by the way, have a lot of German genetics in their people – to get access to the Adriatic.
My first recommendation for the Bavarians would be that they hire a Catalan activist to run the independence campaign, inasmuch as Catalans tend to be peaceable at first, but be wary, since Catalans do not mind fortifying their native numbers with outsiders.  If immigration is the chief complaint in Bavaria, however, they should avoid Catalan advice and go immediately for a Basque adviser – but that would bring in the added problem of where to hide the weaponry.
I do not see this Bavarian separatism going anywhere, except that it highlights just how badly the powers that be are managing Europe.

‘You Jew!’ Becoming Common Insult In Berlin Schools As Anti-Semitism Rises

Schoolteachers and other school officials in Berlin have noticed a rising trend of anti-Semitism among pupils and say the expression “You Jew!” has become a common insult.

A report conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) of 21 schools in Berlin shows the level of antisemitism is growing among the primarily Turkish and Arab Muslim pupils. The group also found a disturbing rise in support for radical Islamism, according to German broadcaster RBB.
Many of the teachers interviewed for the survey said they had been confronted by various anti-Semitic incidents in recent years. Some blamed “religious authorities”, saying many of the Muslim children were being taught at their mosques to be aggressive toward classmates who were girls, homosexuals or secular Muslims.
The AJC study, which took place between 2015 and 2016, looked at schools where Turks and Arab children made up a significant proportion of the student population but also several schools in middle-class areas with more native German pupils. Though the AJC claims the study does not reflect all Berlin schools, they note a worrying trend of anti-Semitism in those they did examine.
Another major revelation in the study was that children from migrant backgrounds identify less and less with their former ethnicity and more with their common religion of Islam. As a result, some teachers said that mosque leaders were training young people to act as “morality police” within their schools.
“We have a kind of parallel education now, and we have on the one hand what is to be officially taught at school, and then we have mosque visits, mosque clubs, which influence many students,” one teacher remarked.
Another teacher claimed many pupils attended a well-known radical Islamic Salafist mosque called the Al-Nur mosque.
He added: “[teachers] wonder how cleverly the brainwashing must take place so the students quickly become so anti-West, so anti-American and also anti-Semitic. We have to fight it with all our might, and we succeed in some cases, but not in all.”
Anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin have made headlines recently: in one particular case, a young Jewish boy was forced to transfer to a different school because of abuse directed at him from primarily Muslim students.
A report earlier this year by the Independent Experts Group on Anti-Semitism said that Jews in Germany were increasingly fearful of anti-Semitic attacks, primarily from Muslims but also elements of the neo-Nazi far right and far-left extremists.

Berlin Domestic Spy Chief: Left-wing Extremists Will Kill If Necessary

Bern Palenda, head of the Berlin branch of the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution, has warned that left-wing extremism has been severely underestimated, and that many left-extremists could be willing to kill.

Mr Palenda said too many in German politics have largely played down or ignored the rising left-extremist movement in Germany, saying they carry out “well-organized extremist violence and do not shrink from killing people, if necessary.”
He also noted that authorities knew well in advance of the riots at the recent G20 in Hamburg, with the Berliner Morgenpost reporting him as saying that left-extremists had been planning them since last Autumn.
People worldwide were shocked at the level of violence in Hamburg, as thousands of Black Bloc extremists set fires, looted shops and ended up injuring almost 500 police officers.
The head of the Special Police Forces (SEK) remarked afterwards that he had never seen such a level of violence directed toward his officers.
Berlin is also a hub of Far Left extremism, and many have criticised the left-wing coalition government in the city of playing down the threat.
Bern Palenda said he didn’t believe the government was downplaying the threat, but said his agency had come across several plans by left-extremists to attack police officers in the city.
He said that the main problem area was the illegal squat on Riga Street known as “Riga 94”, which has been the subject of police raids and retaliatory violence from the extremists.
Last summer there were riots for several nights in the area after police attempted to clear out the squatters, because the new owner of the building wanted to repurpose it as an asylum home.
In May this year police were called to the area again after reports of a fire. Once emergency services were on the scene they were attacked by 15 masked extremists wielding bricks. No police were seriously injured in the incident but two police cars were damaged along with several vehicles belonging to locals.
The German media has been accused of underreporting instances of growing left-wing violence, and Breitbart London reported last year that they prefer to focus on right-wing crime.
This is thought to have risen by around 42 per cent – compared with 62 per cent for left-wing crime.

The Worst Ideological Enemy of the US is Now Europe

Europe is the worst enemy of the US? You cannot be serious. Islamism, Russia, illegal immigrants... whatever, but surely not Europe! Are we not still together in NATO? Do we not conduct huge amounts of trade every day? Do we not share the same cultural roots, the same civilization, the same vision of the future? Did France not give the US her famous Statue of Liberty – "Liberty Enlightening the World?"
Not anymore. In a sense, Europe looks like a continent where American Democrats have been in power for 30 years, not only in the European states, but also at the level of the European Union.
In the US, the political spectrum still spans a vast range of views between Democrats and Republicans, globalists and nationalists, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, pro-government control and pro-individuals' control, and pro-whatever. Even today with a president and a Supreme Court clearly on the political "Right" these divisions, and the all-important separation of powers, allow for and encourage vigorous debate. By contrast, in Europe, at the "official" level, such a spectrum of views no longer exists.
In Western Europe, politically speaking, in the press and in universities, either you are on the "Left," or you are a pariah. If you are a pariah, you are most likely to be prosecuted for "Islamophobia", "racism", discrimination or some other "trumped up" charge.
There are several reasons for this imbalance. One is the difference in political maturity between Europeans and Americans. Whereas "ordinary" American voters (not just the "elites") understand that their Supreme Court is key to ensuring that fundamental constitutional freedoms are maintained for all, the Europeans have done the opposite. In the US, the constitutional right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is derived from the people -- "from the consent of the governed."
Consequently, when Justice Antonin Scalia of the US Supreme Court died, the US press wrote about him for weeks. "Ordinary citizens" in the US are deeply aware of judicial roles and their effect on judgements and legal precedents.
By contrast, in Europe, we now have two Supreme Courts: the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg, in addition to national courts. There is, however, not one citizen in a million who can name a single judge of either the ECHR or the CJEU. The reason is that the nomination of those judges is mostly opaque, purely governmental and, in the instance of the ECHR, with no public debate. With the CJEU, appointments are also essentially governmental, with the sanction of the European Parliament, which is ideologically dominated by the Left.
In Europe, there are now two Supreme Courts: the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg (pictured above), in addition to national courts. (Image source: Transparency International/Flickr)
The US has always welcomed immigrants, most of whom came to her shores via Ellis Island and went through a legal process for entry, led by the light of the torch of Lady Liberty. In recent years, especially since the advent of increased terrorism, the subject of illegal immigrants, migrant workers and the vetting of immigrants has become hotly debated.
By contrast, in Europe, the topic of "illegal" migrants is effectively forbidden. The continent has recently been invaded by millions of migrants -- many apparently arriving under the false pretense of being refugees, even according to the United Nations.
One of the reasons is the open-door policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who allowed over a million mostly Muslim migrants to enter Germany, not only without extreme vetting, but with no vetting at all.
There is, however, another, more structural cause for the current situation. In 2012, the ECHR enacted the so-called "HIRSI" ruling, named after the court case of Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, which states that the European States have the legal obligation to rescue migrants wherever they find them in the Mediterranean Sea -- even just 200 meters away from the Libyan coast -- and ferry them to the European shores, so that these people can claim the status of refugee.
When the Italian Navy intercepted illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and sent them back to their point of origin, Libya, not only did the ECHR condemn Italy for this "obvious" breach of Human Rights; the Italians had to pay 15.000 euros ($17,000 USD) to each of these illegal migrants in the name of "moral damage". This kind of money is equivalent to more than 10 years of income in Somalia and Eritrea (the countries of origin of Mr. Hirsi Jamaa and his companions). In 2016, Somalia's GDP per capita was an estimated $400 USD; Eritrea's $1,300.00.
Everyone, of course, heard about the HIRSI ruling. In Africa, especially, many understood that if they could reach the Sea, Europe's navies would now be obliged to ferry them directly to Europe. Before the HIRSI ruling, when people tried to reach the shores of Europe, hundreds every year tragically died at sea. After HIRSI, the objective is now simply to be intercepted. Consequently, hundreds of thousands attempt this journey -- often with the help of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Médecins Sans Frontières whose activists wait for boats to appear at sea, just off the Libyan coast. We therefore presently have 5,000 unintercepted people dying at sea every year
While Italy is "drowning" in refugees and Austria has deployed armored vehicles close to its border with Italy, to stop more migrants from coming north.
The vast majority of these European courts -- whether the ECHR or the CJEU -- in their attempt to be moral and just, have dismissed the sovereign laws of Italy as irrelevant, and trampled the rights of the Italian state and ordinary Italians to approve who enters their country.
Americans would do well to read the HIRSI decision; it is rather short and a perfect summary of current European jurisprudence.
They will find that the ECHR does not hesitate to accept NGOs as an authoritative part of the process; the ECHR even quotes their statements as if fact or law. In Europe, Amnesty International and the like are, it appears, a new source of law.
The European people, of course, still share the common values of Western civilization. The "Visegrad Group" of countries in central Europe, for instance -- the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia -- do not accept the German diktat to relocate Muslim refugees. Parts of Western Europe, such as the northern Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, are also pretty tired of the whole European mess, and Merkel will not embody the leadership of Germany forever.
Americans, therefore, would do well to understand that for the time being the "Cultural Left" is so deeply entrenched in Western Europe and the EU, that their worst ideological enemy is not the Middle East or Russia: it is Europe.
Those who gave the Statue of Liberty to America in 1886 "to commemorate the perseverance of freedom and democracy in the United States" are willingly trampling their own people's liberties today through courts of appointed, unelected, unaccountable ideologues. The danger is, with the help of many, doubtless well-intentioned, international NGOs, the EU will not stop at its shores.

Is Turkey Becoming Another Iran?

  • Evolution will no longer be taught in Turkish secondary schools, after being described as a "controversial subject" by the government.
  • So, the question naturally arises what exactly will Turkish schoolchildren be taught instead. The answer is "jihad." Turkey is in the process of including the concept of jihad in compulsory school curricula. In eighth grade, jihad will also be taught under the title "Struggling on the Path to Allah: Jihad," under a chapter called "Worshipping Allah."
  • The Ministry of National Education has also increased class hours for the mandatory course in "religion, culture and morality," and decreased art and philosophy classes to one hour per week.
Turkey has recently been in the news for various developments that include, among other matters, its record number of jailed journalists, the destruction of Kurdish towns and forced displacement of thousands of Kurds, the dismissal or suspension of thousands of government employees for political reasons, the arrest of thousands of citizens for allegedly "organizing" last year's failed coup, the creeping conversion of the Hagia Sophia Basilica-museum into a mosque, and the seizure of Assyrian Christian lands, churches and cemeteries by the government.
One additional trend begging the media's attention is the determined Islamization of the Turkish educational system.
Here is a short list of some of the latest developments in Turkish schools and their curricula:
Turkey to stop teaching evolution in secondary schools as part of new national curriculum
Evolution will no longer be taught in Turkish secondary schools after being described as a "controversial subject" by the government. The head of the education ministry's curriculum board, Alpaslan Durmuş, said a section on Darwinism would be cut from biology classes from 2019.
"We have excluded controversial subjects for students at an age unable yet to understand the issues' scientific background," he told a seminar in Ankara, according to Hurriyet Daily News.
"Jihad" in compulsory school curricula
So the question naturally arises what exactly will Turkish schoolchildren be taught instead. The answer is "jihad." Turkey is in the process of including the concept of jihad in compulsory school curricula. According to a statement issued in January by the Turkish Ministry of National Education, Turkish textbooks will be teaching "jihad" as a "value" in classes at Imam Hatip middle schools (schools that offer an Islamic curriculum to pupils).
At a press conference, Ismet Yilmaz, the minister of national education, explained the details of the new curricula to the press. According to the newspaper Cumhuriyet, jihad will be taught in seventh grade while pupils study the fundamentals of "tawhid" (oneness of God) and wahdat (Islamic unity) civilization."
In eighth grade, jihad will also be taught under the title "Struggling on the Path to Allah: Jihad" under the chapter called "Worshipping Allah."
1.5 million Imam Hatip students across Turkey
Under Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP), the number of Imam Hatip schools has ballooned from 500 to 3,500, with enrollment surging from 60,000 to 1,500,000 since the AKP first came to power in 2002.
The first Imam Hatip schools in Turkey were opened in 1924 during the rule of the Republic's first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, as vocational schools to train government-employed imams and Islamic scholars.
"All schools shall have masjids (mosques)"
The Ministry of National Education has also declared that for schools and other educational centers to be opened in Turkey, they have to have a washroom where people can perform ablution before reciting their prayers [salah] five times a day, as well as two masjids [mosques] -- one for males and the other for females.
More Islamic classes, less art and philosophy
The Ministry of National Education has also increased class hours for the mandatory course in "religion, culture and morality" and decreased art and philosophy classes to one hour per week. The Ministry also repealed the "Regulations on Fine Arts Education," which were enacted in 2008 "to give primary and secondary school students with special talents the necessary education to prepare them for the fine arts schools."
Secularism, positivism "problems of faith"
The new curricula prepared by the Ministry of National Education to be studied at Turkish schools also describe "secularism, positivism, deism, agnosticism, atheism, nihilism, Satanism, reincarnation and false prophethood" as "problems of faith."
Girls in niqabs in private-funded Islamic organizations
Full Islamization is overtly and increasingly on the rise in private associations, as well. The association of "Fans of the Prophet and the Generation of the Koran Platform" has been offering education on Islamic scriptures to its female and male members and organizing flamboyant ceremonies of "ratification." The association has 63 branches across Turkey.
In 2014, for example, 144 female students wearing the niqab were given "documents of ratification" after completing their religious education in the city of Batman. The students were referred to with Arabic-Islamic names instead of their real Turkish or Kurdish names.
The association also celebrates "Jerusalem Day" on the last Friday of every Ramadan. Murat Güneş, a platform member, falsely claimed in his speech in the city of Batman last year:
"Because Muslims do not carry out the requirements of their faith, today all Palestinian territories are under the Zionist occupation. Gaza and the West Bank are like open prisons. Due to the embargo and isolation imposed on Palestine, children are dying of hunger and the ill cannot be treated because of a lack of medicine. As there is not enough food, even drinking water is not provided."
Another Islamic organization famous for its female students, covered from head to toe is the Diyarbakir-based "Union of Scholars and Madrasahs" [Islamic theological schools].
After completing their four-year religious education organized by the Union, 78 female students in niqabs were presented with their "documents of ratification" in the city of Batman in 2015.
A graduate in niqab said: "This cause has sacrificed so many. Let them not forget that we -- as individuals ready to sacrifice ourselves -- will do anything that is required without making any concessions."
The Union, which carries out activities all across Turkey, is also intensely interested in Israel. A Hamas delegation, for example, led by Osama Hamdan, who is in charge of the organization's foreign affairs, visited the Diyarbakir headquarters of the Union in May of this year.
During the meeting, Mullah Enver Kılıçaslan, the head of the Union, said:
"The Jews are the enemies of the entire ummah [Islamic nation]. Our prophet said that we will fight against the Jews before the end of days. Standing for the ummah, our Muslim siblings in Palestine and Gaza are struggling against them. I wish we too had the opportunity to be in Gaza and Palestine and help our siblings. I wish we too could fight against cursed Jews."
Turkey has for decades been hostile and discriminatory to its non-Muslim communities. Before the 1915 Christian genocide, the population of the territory that is now Turkey was about 15 million, about 4.5 million of which -- nearly a third -- was Christian. Today, one can hardly even talk of a Christian minority. Only 0.2 percent of the country's current population is Christian or Jewish. This means that as a percentage of its population, Turkey has a smaller Christian community than any of its neighbors, including Syria, Iraq and Iran. So, the demographics of Turkey have already been Islamized. Now, the educational system is officially becoming Islamized, as well.
With more Islamization of the Turkish educational system will come the segregation of women and men and the deterioration of women's rights; more pressure and hostility to non-Muslim communities; more violent anti-Semitism; more anti-Western and anti-Israel bigotry, as well as more sympathy with, and even active participation in, jihad. These developments will automatically create less stability and less safety both in Turkey and throughout the Middle East as well as Europe.
Given the political developments in Turkey for more than a decade, the country seems to be fast-forwarding to be the second -- and possibly even a more dangerous version of -- the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Crews on Alert After Female Paramedic Attacked With ‘Noxious Substance’ In Suspected Gang Attack

Amidst a spate of acid attacks, ambulance crews in London are on heightened alert over their own safety after a paramedic was attacked with chemicals while driving to an emergency.

The 32-year-old ambulance driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, was flagged down in Tottenham Hale, north London, by three men who appeared to be in distress.
The men pulled bandanas over their faces when she asked what was wrong, before one of them threw liquid at her from a plastic bottle through the vehicle window.
Describing the attack as “terrifying” and “cowardly”, the paramedic said in a statement: “It is my job to help people. I was on my way to help a patient and I stopped because I am caring and I thought they needed my help.
“They have taken away my trust. What they’ve done is horrific in so many ways. It was premeditated and it delayed a patient getting treatment.
“It took a paramedic off the road that night. And yet if one of my attackers were hurt, I would still treat them because that is the job.”
Following the assault, the woman was taken to hospital  — where acid was ruled out  — but the noxious substance caused irritation and reddening on her face, neck and chest.
Assistant director of operations at London Ambulance Service, Peter Rhodes, said he was appalled by the assault on the lone paramedic.
He added: “We have reported this incident to the police and will do everything in our power to make sure those responsible are identified and convicted for this senseless attack.”
In response to the incident, frontline ambulance crews in the capital are being reminded of the need to be cautious when flagged down by anyone requesting help, the Daily Mail reported.
The use of a “noxious substance” against a paramedic in the unprovoked attack comes months after the leader of a Swedish ambulance driver’s union spoke out on the so-called “no go zones” his members were now struggling to serve, after several attacks on staff. With regards to the violence ambulance crews experience in the high crime, migration areas union boss Gordon Grattidge said his staff needed military-style protective equipment.
The attack on the paramedic follows an incident last Thursday in east London in which five people were sprayed with a corrosive substance in less than 90 minutes.
A victim of the crime spree last week, Jabed Hussain, led a protest at Parliament Square at which hundreds of delivery drivers said the rise in acid attacks has meant they are too afraid to work after dark.
They say the attack on Hussain, who had his scooter stolen while he was attacked with a corrosive substance last week, reflects an environment in which drivers and their vehicles are constantly targeted.
“I’m really scared to go back to work again because there’s not enough police to chase the thieves — they could do acid to anyone but the government isn’t taking proper action or probably there’s not enough police on the street.”
In May Breitbart London reported how — with 1,800 assaults using corrosive liquid having taken place in London alone since 2010 — the UK is now the world’s acid attack capital, according to charity Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), whose director said that Britain is now the nation “with the highest number of acid attacks per head”.

Pork Sales in Germany Plummet After Surge of Muslim Migrancy

Germany’s known far and wide as a country that knows how to make a sausage — but that cultural item of pride may be disappearing. Pork sales are dramatically down, and that’s due in large part to the simultaneous rise of the Muslim population in the country.
And that rise in Muslim population is due to Angela Merkel’s open-door border policy for refugees and migrants from countries dominated by the Islam faith — the same Islam faith that forbids the eating of pork.
 The Daily Caller has the story:

The amount of pork consumed annually has dropped due to the growth in the Muslim population. Germans consumed an average of 175.9 pounds of pork in 2016, 3.4 pounds less than 2015, according to an Express Business report Monday. Pork consumption has dropped 10 percent since 2010.
According to Tim Koch, analyst of the meat industry for the Agricultural Market Information Company, the decline in pork consumption is due to the growing Muslim population from the refugee crisis, currently at four million people. Pork is not halal, meaning in accordance with the specific types of meat and the way ways it must be butchered to be in compliance with the Koran. As a result, businesses are accommodating the growing Muslim population by serving other types of meat as well as pork.

Man Accused of Islamophobic Hijab Attack Says he was ‘Racially Abused’ by Muslim on Underground

A man accused of an “Islamophobic” hate crime by a Muslim on Twitter has denied the assault, insisting the story was made up, and that he and his partner were in fact racially abused by the other party.

The story – played out on social media and involving numerous competing claims and counter claims of alleged religious and ethnic aggregative factors – has been latched onto by activists and journalists alike.
A Muslim woman, 18, and her ‘Christian’ friend say a man tore off her hijab and spat in her face. After identifying him online, they contacted his employer demanding action, and called him a racist.
The man has since strongly denied the claims, insisting he merely broke up a fight started when his black girlfriend was attacked by the Muslim woman and her friends.
He claims the attack was launched on his girlfriend because they are in an “interracial relationship”.
British Transport Police have confirmed to Breitbart London they are investigating both claims, and say they may release CCVT at a later stage.
Some on online have said the saga is a “terrifying” example of how the modern hate crime industry and “kangaroo court” of social media and public opinion can distort justice.
Behaviour like this is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This incident has been reported to is and we're investigating.
We want everyone to feel safe as they travel - if you witness or experience hate crime, please report it to us.
It all began when the Muslim women, Aniso Abdulkadir, Tweeted a photo of the man and his girlfriend on London’s tube, captioned: “This man at Baker Street station forcibly attempted to pull my hijab off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf he hit me.” The Tweet has now been deleted.
She added on the social media site: “He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face… The woman was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive.”
Her photo quickly garnered more than 30,000 re-Tweets, with people praising her for “calling out racism” and urging the public to help “track down” the couple.
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
The first tweet gets 30,000 RTs
Everyone moves on ...
Then the other side of the story gets 26 RTs 
However, when the man responded, saying he was “accused of completely false allegations” and making counter claims, his account was largely ignored by the media until some online began questioning Ms. Abdulkadir’s story.
Pawel Uczciwek, who has identified himself as the man in the photograph, also wrote: “I defended my partner by trying to completely diffuse a racist attack from three random females… I NEVER hit, or attacked anyone…”
“The police is fully cooperative with me and will be able to obtain CCTV footage showing the three women attempting to attack my partner because we are in an interracial relationship”, the 28-year-old architect from London added.
@ballymore are these the type of people you employ? Does your company tolerate anti Muslim hate crimes?
@ballymore YOUR employee, attacked my best friend and myself yesterday, we want something done about it now
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
The complainant’s friend, known as “Lux” online, claimed to have been there and wrote on Twitter: “Islamophobia has been normalised and it’s genuinely scary… whatever counter argument even if it’s completely absurd people will agree with it just so they can blame Muslims for everything…”

As people more people began questioning her account, Ms. Abdulkadir also hit back by labeling them racist. “For those continuously calling me a liar: I owe no one an explanation”, she wrote, adding: “I put this post out to find our attacker… not for dead ass racists to be all up in my mentions giving their trivial comments”.