Monday, January 22, 2018

Poland puts safety first and will not accept refugees or migrants

Polish Cabinet Minister Jacek Sasin, told the online TV channel Wpolityce, that the country still refuses to participate in the EU’s migrant relocation plans.
According to him, the Polish government continues its stance against the EU and it will still not accept refugees. The Minister made his remarks because he ‘sees no ground to negotiate about the country’s safety’.
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, that Poland has already received many refugees from Ukraine and that it will not accept migrants from ‘Muslim countries’.
Although Poland is not accepting refugees, it does help them in their home countries. Several humanitarian aid projects have already been launched.

Hanover / Germany: Turks and Kurds deliver mass brawl at the airport

In a mass brawl at Langehagen Airport on Monday afternoon, Kurds and Turks once again fought their conflicts on German soil. According to media reports, Turks and Kurds clashed in Terminal B of Langenhagen Airport on Monday afternoon. Kurds had demonstrated at the airport against Turkey's military action against Kurds in northern Syria. Among other things,"Fascist Erdogan" cries were heard from the crowd. Turkish passengers of Turkish Airlines are said to have attacked the demonstrators. According to the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, about 180 people fought against each other in the course of the conflict, and both state and federal police forces were using about 20 vehicles at the terminal to bring the foreign conflict under control.

Stuttgart / Germany: Refugees preferred in the allocation of social housing

4223 households are currently on the waiting list for a social housing unit. In 2011, this figure was still 2834, a massive increase. And: especially in the recent past, the increase is due almost exclusively to refugees who live in the city. The background is likely to be a distinctive feature of the city of Stuttgart: If you want to move into a social housing unit in the state capital, you must be registered on the pre-booking list. However, in order to be included on this waiting list at all, an applicant must be registered in the city of Stuttgart for at least three years. Not so with refugees assigned to the city. They are placed on the preregistration list without waiting time.

Labour Racism: Police Decline to Investigate Party Charging White People Extra to Attend Corbyn Rally

Leicestershire Police have declined to investigate the Labour Party singling out white people to pay extra to attend a Jeremy Corbyn rally in Loughborough.

Breitbart London reported on January 21st that the left-wing opposition party’s East Midlands Regional Board had decided to charge black and ethnic minority attendees £30 to attend, while white people would be singled out for a higher price of £40.
The move attracted heavy criticism, with Tory MP Andrew Bridgen saying it showcased Labour’s “contempt for the white working class” — the very group Labour was founded to stand up for, and which currently suffers from the worst life outcomes of any demographic in the country, as the party’s Shadow Education Minister Angela Rayner recently admitted.
Thousands of people contacted Leicestershire Police, the force responsible for Loughborough, via email and Twitter, to ask them to investigate the charge, as Britain’s equality and race relations legislation appear to outlaw providing goods, facilities, or services on less favourable terms or conditions to someone based on their race.
On Sunday the 21st of January, the force told Breitbart London they were “aware of [the situation] and we are looking into it” and assigned an incident number — 303 21/01/2018 — but declined to respond to any members of the public on social media until the following day.
“We are aware of concerns raised regarding admission prices at a Labour Party conference held in Leicestershire next month & we would advise anyone who feels that the Equality Act may have been breached to contact the @EHRC [Equality and Human Rights Commission],” they tweeted — effectively confirming that they have no interest in pursuing the matter themselves.
@afneil Labour cannot do this. surely? I would have thought @leicspolice would charge the organisers for rascism / hate crime. 
We are aware of concerns raised regarding admission prices at a Labour Party conference held in Leicestershire next month & we would advise anyone who feels that the Equality Act may have been breached to contact the @EHRC.
A statutory non-departmental public body established by the Equality Act 2006, the Equality and Human Rights Commision says its role is to “use our unique powers to challenge discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and protect human rights”.
However, they “do not get involved in every issue or dispute”, only using their enforcement powers “when it is the best way to achieve change” — and they have yet to make any public comment on Labour’s anti-white price policy, despite a plethora of public representations.
An evasive response to a Freedom of Information request asking whose responsibility it is to enforce the Equality Act in 2010 appeared to suggest that the EHRC believes that, for the most part, it is up to ordinary members of the public to launch court cases if they feel they have been discriminated against, with the Commission only enforcing the law at its own discretion.

Many social media users have criticised both Leicestershire Police and the EHRC for their apparent indifference to the case, suggesting there is no question that they would have acted rapidly and forcefully if a major political party was attempting to charge any other racial or ethnic group higher prices to attend events.

Acid Attack Epidemic Spills into Home Counties from Sadiq Khan’s London


Hertfordshire Constabular

Britain’s acid attack epidemic is spreading from its focal point in Sadiq Khan’s London to the historic Home Counties which surround it.

Figures released following a Freedom of Information request to the local police force have revealed that Hertfordshire, a traditionally peaceful county which was recently ranked the best place in Britain to raise a family by the UK Better Family Life Index, has experienced a sharp uptick in acid attacks, The Comet reports.
The county, home to the famous St. Albans Cathedral, suffered just one reported attack in 2013, but this had risen to eight by 2016 and an all-time high of nine the following year.
The figures were released following a particularly shocking attack which saw Dwane Matterson (right), a 26-year-old from Enfield, a borough in Sadiq Khan’s London, and Aaron Boyce (left), a 19-year-old of no fixed abode, and two other men force their way into a property in the small market town of Hitchin.
They sprayed the homeowner in the face with an acidic substance during the course of the aggravated burglary, in what Hertfordshire police described as a “terrifying ordeal”.

The numbers pale in comparison to the capital, which experienced 739 corrosive fluid offences between January and September 2017, 411 of which were violent.
Complete figures for the years from 2002 to 2016 indicate a rise in corrosive fluid offences which included violence of some 186 per cent, and police have conceded that London is now a global capital for such attacks.
Nevertheless, the increase in sleepy Hertfordshire points to a worrying trend of these once-rare attacks are becoming normalised beyond the crime-ridden metropolis.
“The use of corrosive substances to commit acts of violence is an extreme violent crime that aims to cause lasting physical and emotional damage to victims,” said a spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary.
“As with other police forces, we are dealing with a number of cases and we are continuing to collect data from across England and Wales to understand the scale and extent of these attacks and develop our ability to support and safeguard victims.”

The county has also experienced a surge in knife crime — another trend in common with London.

Geert Wilders leads successful protest against Islamisation and the Dutch government

© Geert Wilders / Twitter

Hundreds of Dutch and Belgian patriots gathered near Rotterdam’s Central Station last Saturday. They protested against the current Dutch government and against the Islamisation of Europe. Several protesters waved Dutch flags and carried banners saying: “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” and “Keep Islam out of Rotterdam”.Members of the Flemish party Vlaams Belang were also present to support Wilders and his Freedom Party. Vlaams Belang’s leading member Filip Dewinter, marched alongside Wilders while holding the banner with him that says: (Make) “The Netherlands ours again!” Wilders told the protesters: “The Netherlands is our country; it’s not (Prime Minister) Mark Rutte’s country… We live here, not in Morocco; we don’t live in Turkey or in Saudi Arabia, but in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.” Rotterdam is the second largest Dutch city and Wilders’ Freedom Party will be participating in the city’s local elections for the first time. They will be held on 21 March this year. More protests will follow, as Wilders announced in November last year that he wants to organise a series of demonstrations against the Islamisation of Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgian politician, Filip Dewinter, has said to join him.

L’Oreal Hijab Model Amena Khan Steps Down over Tweets Calling Israel ‘Child Murderers’

Amena Khan has stepped down as a spokeperson for L'Oreal Paris UK after anti-Israel tweets surfaced last week

L'Oreal Paris UK

L’Oréal Paris UK’s Muslim model has stepped down from the company’s campaign after her anti-Israel Twitter posts surfaced last week.

Amena Khan announced her decision to step down from the campaign in a Twitter post on Monday, where she also claimed to have deleted the controversial posts about Israel. Breitbart Tech reported on Khan’s anti-Israel tweets on Friday, including her comments that Israel is a nation of “child murderers” and an “illegal state.” L’Oréal Paris UK did not reply to a request for comment from Breitbart Tech on that story.
“I deeply regret the content of my tweets I made in 2014, and sincerely apologise for the upset and hurt that they have caused,” declared Khan in her post. “Championing diversity is one of my passions, I don’t discriminate against anyone. I have chosen to delete them as they do not represent the message of harmony that I stand for.”
“I recently took part in a campaign, which excited me because it celebrated inclusivity. With deep regret, I’ve decided to step down from this campaign because the current conversations surrounding it detract from the positive and inclusive sentiment that it set out to deliver,” she concluded.
In 2014, Khan called Israel “sinister,” “child murderers,” and claimed “defeat” awaits them.
“Israel is a sinister state & the ones who suffer most are innocent children,” proclaimed Khan in one since-deleted post, while in another she declared, “Israel = Pharoah. Both are child murderers. Insha’Allah, defeat also awaits the former; it’s only a matter of time.”
In other posts, Khan repeatedly referred to Israel as an “illegal state,” and claimed they take part in “terrorising innocent civilians.”
Last year, L’Oréal Paris UK also faced criticism with another diversity hire: transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, who was fired from the company after publishing several racist, anti-white rants.

Bergdorf was fired after claiming white people are “the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth,” however she was rewarded with a verified account on Twitter.

Melbourne: Sudanese Youths Account for 0.1 Per Cent of the Population, But 8.6 Per Cent of Home Invasions

Aggravated burglary has become the “crime of choice” for Sudanese youths in Melbourne, Australia, according to senior police officers.

The state of Victoria, where Melbourne is the regional capital, is home to 6,000 Sudanese migrants, accounting for just 0.1 per cent of the population — yet Sudan-born youths account for some 8.6 per cent of aggravated burglaries and are helping to drive the African gang crime wave gripping the country, reports
“We’ve seen Sudanese youth become involved in aggravated burglaries,” admits Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp.
“A lot of the time it’s to steal keys, so they can steal cars to commit further crimes. It has become the crime of choice for this particular group.”
The police chief said it was his belief that the home invasions were not being driven by “an organised gang in terms of any organisation and structure”, but rather by a phenomenon he called “network offending”.
He explained: “So, it’s not that you’ve got a core group of six, generally young, men committing crime over a number of nights.
“What we have seen is that you might see half a dozen involved in an aggravated burglary, steal a car and commit some further offences that night.
“The next night, you might have two of those offenders, but there could be three or four new ones that have come from other parts of Melbourne — networking through social media.”
Statistics for the year to September 2017 show Sudanese in Victoria are not just overrepresented for home invasions.
Figures reported by the taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation — analogous to Britain’s BBC — show Sudanese migrants were involved in 3 per cent of serious assaults, 2 per cent of non-aggravated burglaries, and 5 per cent of motor vehicle thefts.
It should be noted that these figures are not inclusive of second- or third-generation Sudanese in Victoria, but only first-generation migrants.
The broadcaster attempted to play down the statistics, however, quoting criminologist Rebecca Wickes as complaining that Sudanese migrants tend to be younger than the general population, and it is not fair to compare them to Australians.

Wickes suggested the real problem was a “significant and very worrisome bias” against African migrants among the general population, adding: “Frankly I think that that’s where we should be focusing our attention.”